Contributing to Gryphon

Gryphon is in active development and contributions are welcome and encouraged!

Pull Request Checklist

Before submitting a PR, make sure you’ve done the following:

  • Changes adhere to the Python Style Guide
  • Changes pass the existing unit tests, gryphon-runtests
  • Include new unit tests for your changes

Current Focus

Gryphon can always use effort put into stability and code-quality. Here are some specific ideas on how to contribute to that area:

  • Increase the number of unit tests and scope of test coverage
  • Add docstrings and comments to existing modules
  • Refactor existing modules to conform to the Python Style Guide and pass flake8 tests
  • Add sphinx documentation for complex features

Some more ambitious options for an interested engineer:

  • Add a mechanism to track our test-coverage
  • Improve our unit testing framework so we don’t require exchange credentials to directly test strategies and exchange integrations